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Where to Pre-Order the SNES Classic in August


Where to Pre-Order the SNES Classic in August

Where to Pre-Order the SNES Classic in August

To nobody’s surprise, the SNES Classic is selling like hotcakes and Nintendo hasn’t learned much from the low supply of its NES Classic a few months ago. Or maybe they have and even Nintendo knows that the best way to build up hype for the retro consoles is to create a situation where getting your hands on one feels like you won the video game lottery. That’s pretty much the kind of odds you’ll have if you want to pre-order the SNES Classic. 

The SNES Classic pre-orders went live in the middle of night through Amazon and Best Buy’s online channels and were completely sold out before the sun came up. Before you start flipping tables and snatching out your hair, however, there is still hope. Not a lot of it. But there’s still hope. If you’re looking to place a pre-order for SNES Classic, you can still give these retailers a shot. Turns out they still have a few in stock as of 2:18 pm EST. Who knows how long that will last though. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll still want to check in with some of these retailers even after they don’t have anymore pre-orders available. You never know when things might change. Miracles happen… sometimes.

  • GameStop – Site difficulties have allowed GameStop to hold on to some units longer than other retailers. Pre-orders will likely sell out quickly once the site issue is addressed.
  • Walmart – Out of Stock
  • Target – Still has units in stock as of 2:24 pm EST
  • Amazon – Out of Stock
  • Best Buy – Out of Stock
  • Toys R Us – Has not listed the product as of 3:04 pm EST although they will be carrying the SNES Classic. This may be the best chance to still nab one if you’re willing to stalk their website until their pre-orders go live.

We will continue to update this list as product availability changes!

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