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Slime Rancher: How to Get Money Fast


Slime Rancher: How to Get Money Fast

Money, or Newbucks, is very important to have in Slime Rancher because it is used to buy blueprints, buildings, and upgrades. Here’s how to earn money fast.

How to Get Money Fast in Slime Rancher

Money, or “Newbucks,” is very important to have in Slime Rancher. Newbucks are used to buy buildings for your ranch, expand and upgrade them, earn higher ranks in the 7Zee Rewards Club, buy blueprints for items, and upgrade your Vacpack tool.

The most common ways to earn Newbucks are to open crates, feed Lucky Slimes, and sell Plorts at the Plort Market. Crates spawn randomly in the wild and usually hold between 20-40 Newbucks. Lucky Slimes drop Newbucks when shot at with meat, but quickly disappear after making a distinct, jingling sound.

The best bet is to play the Plort Market. The market determines how much you can sell your Plorts for, and it fluctuates each day depending on what Plorts have been sold. Example: Selling a lot of Tabby Plorts causes the selling price of it to drop the next day.

Gold Plorts sell for the highest, but are not easy to grind. Mosaic, Crystal, and Tangle Plorts can also bring a good price, but are not the most cooperative. Creating Largos is especially useful because they create Plorts of two different slimes.

Honey Slimes do not bring in much, but can be controlled easily without trouble or a lot of food. If you can handle Quantum Slimes, combine them with Honey Smiles to make Quantum Honey Largos to produce both Plorts. Crystal and Honey Slimes are also a good combination.

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