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PUBG: How to See in First-Person


PUBG: How to See in First-Person

How to See in First-Person Mode in PUBG

Moving forward, at the start of each month, a patch will release for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) beta. For August, a host of new changes arrived, and the most notable of these updates was the long-awaited inclusion of first-person perspective.

But how do you actually toggle between first and third person modes? Simply push the button that is assigned to “ToggleCamera.” By default, this is the “V” key on your keyboard.

Note that just because the “V” is the standard key, that does not mean that you’re stuck with that placement if it is not your preference. You can unbind the key and assign it to something different if you find that easier. One of our favorite keys to bind “ToggleCamera” to is the middle mouse button. This makes it much easier to quickly flick between perspectives when engaged in a firefight. Because although first-person mode might be your preferred perspective overall, third person mode still offers a tactical advantage in certain situations. For example, peaking around trees when under fire.

That is all you need to know about how to see in first-person mode and toggling between perspectives. For more information on PUBG, be sure to check our ever expanding wiki guide.

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