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Pokemon GO: How to Beat Zapdos


Pokemon GO: How to Beat Zapdos

How to Beat Zapdos in Pokemon GO

Zapdos, one of the original three legendary bird Pokemon and Team Instinct mascot, is now able to be caught in Pokemon GO. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest in Pokemon GO you’ve probably experienced a number of legendary raid battles such as Moltres and Articuno, and Zapdos isn’t much different.

First things first, get yourself a raid pass, as you’ve needed for the other legendary birds. Next, look for gyms with an egg appearing over them. That is your notification that a raid battle is incoming. Make sure to return there once the timer is up so you can take part. Raid battles, especially ones versus legendary Pokemon, can be extremely difficult so gather some friends or nearby people if needed to help you out.

As far as how to beat this legendary: Zapdos is an Electric/Flying Pokemon which is a very powerful type, especially since one of its main weaknesses, Ground, is neutralized by its Flying type. We suggest strong Rock attacks as being your best bet to weaken Zapdos. Make sure you defeat Zapdos before the timer runs out or else you would have squandered your opportunity. If you don’t have ground, Ice is a decent alternative as that is also super effective versus Flying type Pokemon, but lacks the resistance that Rock has to Electric attacks so keep that in mind.

Once Zapdos is defeated, you’ll be able to encounter it. Legendary Pokemon, including Zapdos, are extremely difficult to catch and have a very low percentage of staying in their Poke Balls. Make sure you have A LOT, which if you’ve been playing Pokemon GO a ton since launch, you should have. Golden Razz Berries and strong type Poke Balls will make your life a lot easier if you have it, so try and use those if you have them.

For more on Pokemon GO, be sure to check out our wiki.

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