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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Get ready for a wild ride.

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Use Your Abilities and Techniques

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Tips

Every character in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle comes with their own unique set of abilities and techniques to help you out in a battle. Abilities like the Team Jump and Dash will remain useful all throughout Kingdom Battle, and you should be utilizing them every chance you get. Team Jump allows a character to jump on an ally to reach a further point on the map, allowing you to flank an enemy or get to high ground. Some characters, like Mario and Luigi, can get a lot more use out of this if you upgrade them as well. For instance, Mario is able to land on enemies to deal damage to them after a Team Jump, and Luigi can chain jumps with multiple allies.

On the other hand, Dash is a good way of dealing a bit of extra damage to your foes. It doesn’t hit very hard, but it can finish off weakened foes. Rabbid Peach gets a lot of utility out of this once you upgrade her Dash, allowing her to hit more than one enemy in a single turn.

Outside of that, techniques can also help to turn the tide in a battle. Rabbid Peach soon became one of my most invaluable allies because of her ability to heal characters who were near her, and she could survive big hits with her Shield technique. Techniques need to be recharged after use, but make sure to use them frequently and wisely.

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