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Everybody’s Golf: How to Unlock More Courses


Everybody’s Golf: How to Unlock More Courses


There’s a lot to do in Everybody’s Golf, from riding golf carts to fishing, but you’ll probably want to check out all of the actual golf courses the game has to offer.

There are eight in total in the game, but you don’t get access to all of them from the start. You only get access to Eagle City G.C, the most basic course in the beginning, and the rest unlock as you make your way through the single player tournaments. There are re-imaginings of classic courses, Alpine set courses, and Hawaiian set beach-side holes for you to play on. You unlock another course for use in all modes when you finish every other rank’s VS characters. That only applies for single player tournaments and online play you cannot access a course online until it has been unlocked in single player.

That means you might be waiting some time for the courses to be playable. You can expect it to take approximately fifteen hours of playing in single player to unlock the third course, which is far harder than the starter courses. That means that some of the courses may be played by only a few people online, leaving Open Courses empty for the speedier players. You simply need to grind the single player tournaments and battle against the VS characters to unlock more.

That is how you unlock more courses both online and offline in Everybody’s Golf. For more on the game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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