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Absolver: How to Join a School


Absolver: How to Join a School

How to Join a School in Absolver

Absolver is all about fighting. When you create your Prospect, you choose a combat style to carry you through the story, and you use it to defeat enemies and learn moves from them through your defensive capabilities. However, sometimes mastering just one style isn’t enough for some warriors. That’s where Absolver’s school system comes in. Schools allow you to work under the tutelage of a mentor in order to learn new Combat styles.

One of the Schools falls under an NPC named Rakkio, and it unlocks the game’s fourth style, Stagger (which is essentially drunken fist). You’ll need to find and defeat a fighter named Jinn Mesca, reach level 30, and then you can return to that locked door behind the Colosseum to join it.

Players can also create schools once they reach the rank of Absolver (done by beating the game). You can join the School of another player by encountering them in the world or PvP, and checking for them through the Altar menu. Once you join the school, you can rank up by completing Combat Trials (PvP) with their Combat Deck equipped.

Do note that you can’t change any of the attacks within a school’s deck until you completely unlock it by ranking it up and defending against other attacks from that Combat Style.

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