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The 6 Remaining Exclusives Coming to PS4 in 2017


The 6 Remaining Exclusives Coming to PS4 in 2017

Smashing blocks and racing cars.

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Knack II – September 5

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Platforming beat ’em up Knack returns for a sequel following the series’ debut back in 2013. The game, which received mixed reviews upon its release, was a part of Sony’s launch lineup for the PS4, and it showed off a lot of what the console was capable of in terms of particle effects and just the sheer number of things that could happen on the screen at one time. However, outside of impressive visuals and a unique concept, the game fell short with its gameplay and story.

For some, the announcement of a sequel to Mark Cerny’s brain child came as a bit of a surprise at the 2016 PlayStation Experience. But early previews of Knack II show that Cerny and the rest of the team from SIE Japan have heard the criticism of the sequel’s predecessors and hope to build on it with a sense of self-awareness about their shortcomings. Knack II takes the foundation laid by the original and builds on it with a more robust combat system that includes dashes, body slams, and shields, and adds a skill tree that allows players to upgrade Knack based on their own playstyle.

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