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Splatoon 2: How to Beat the DJ Octavio Boss


Splatoon 2: How to Beat the DJ Octavio Boss

The final countdown.

How to Beat DJ Octavio in Splatoon 2

DJ Octavio is the fifth and final boss in Splatoon 2, and he’s the toughest foe you’ll face in the game. As was the case with the Octo Samurai, the key to surviving here is making sure that you always have a safe area to swim to. Prioritize inking the ground whenever you can so that you can dodge some of his deadlier attacks.

During the first phase of the fight, you’ll need to shoot DJ Octavio’s flying arms to propel him back while dodging his attacks. Shoot them back as quickly as you can before going back to inking the ground and escaping his counterattack. His abilities will increase and evolve as the fight wears on, but the strategy remains the same. As long as you focus on inking the ground, you shouldn’t have too much trouble dodging him.

After that, head through the portal with your brand new Rainmaker to chase down DJ Octavio. Here, you’ll need to shoot his arms while also jumping on the ink rails, so be careful, and time your jumps properly so you don’t fall into the abyss. Whenever DJ Octavio throws a punch at you, jump over to the next ink rail to avoid it. Keep this up until the Splatoon 2 boss finally goes down, and then jump to the final rail that leads you straight to him.

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