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PUBG: Most Common Car Spawns


PUBG: Most Common Car Spawns

The Most Common Car Spawns in PUBG

The map of PUBG is massive, and while your character can run fairly quickly, it often isn’t fast enough to outrun the blue wall of energy that is constantly closing in. The best way to survive dying outside the play area is to grab a car and speed down the roads and through the forests and open plains. But where can you find cars if you really need to hoof it to the center of the map?

The photo below highlights the best locations, but the easiest answer is near the game’s largest cities and towns, as well as to the east of the map along some of the roads. The locations are generally randomized, but they tend to spawn in the same areas. The majority of the vehicles are found in the center of the map and to the Northwest, around Georgopol.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

It’s also important to note that the direction of car spawns has changed. At launch, all cars that were still unused were facing east, which was a good indication that you would not be gunned down if you took it. Now the cars will spawn in any direction, so players can’t rely on spawn direction to set traps or evade other players.

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