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Minecraft: How to Find Villages


Minecraft: How to Find Villages


Villages in Minecraft are helpful as they give you quick access to items, crafting stations, and other characters. Therefore, finding them is important.

There is one simple way of getting close to a village in Minecraft. When you start a game, use a ‘seed’ that generates a world that starts the player close to village – seeds are pieces of text that you input when beginning the game. While seeds differ across PC, console, and mobile versions, specific ones on each platform always create the same world. You also need to know the version of the game you are playing on before you search for seeds. Here is a helpful link to find the best seeds for your version.

Next, when creating a new world, you can enter a seed by opening the More Options or Advanced menus. You also need to enable Large Biomes in the menu, which will give villages more space to appear in the world. You should also double-check that Generate Structures is enabled in the options for the new world. If you leave that disabled, villages will not generate at all.

You should then explore the plains, savanna, and desert biomes in Minecraft to find a village since these are the most common biomes for villages to generate in.

Alternatively, for players using Minecraft 1.11+, you can type ‘/locate Village’ into your game, which will prompt the game to give you the location of the nearest one. Then, you can either teleport or travel to that location.

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