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Kingdom Hearts III: All Confirmed Worlds and Locations


Kingdom Hearts III: All Confirmed Worlds and Locations

All Confirmed Worlds in Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is becoming more real with each passing month as a slow feed of information is provided to eagerly waiting fans (present company included). During the 2017 D23 expo, a release window of 2018 was revealed, along with an entirely new world, so the hype is becoming quite palpable since we’re already past the 2017 halfway mark. With a new world added to the list, it’s looking like this is going to be another huge adventure for Sora and his friends. Below, you’ll find a list of all the worlds revealed for Kingdom Hearts III so far, and we’ll update it as new worlds are shown off.

Twilight Town – This recurring location in the Kingdom Hearts series will be showing up in the upcoming installment as well. It’s not entirely clear how much time we’ll be spending here, but it’s cool to have the wave of nostalgia wash over you on a shiny new console.

Mysterious Tower – This is the home and base of Yen Sid, the Keyblade Master who trained King Mickey and is helping your entire team with your new mission. It’s appeared in past games, and since Kingdom Hearts III is a direct continuation of Dream Drop Distance, it’s not surprising in the slightest that this is one of the confirmed worlds and locations.

Tangled – The new take on Rapunzel’s story became instantly popular, so it was no surprise that Nomura would want to include its world in this sequel. It turns out that it was actually the first world they knew they wanted, so we’re excited to explore it.

Hercules – You can’t have Kingdom Hearts without Hercules’ world. Where else are we gonna take down secret bosses and challenge arenas?

Big Hero 6 – San Fransokyo in all its glory is one of the confirmed worlds for Kingdom Hearts III and it’s certainly exciting. A futuristic series with powers and tons of action as well as appearances from Baymax and other characters? We just hope that we’ll get to fly around too.

Toy Story – The most recently revealed world is Toy Story which sees Sora and the gang take on action figure like appearances as they explore Andy’s room and meet Woody and his pals. You’ll even be able to venture outside of the house, taking the fight to the streets and to what appears to be an arcade-like area.

So far these are the only confirmed worlds and locations for Kingdom Hearts III. We’ll be sure to update the list once Disney and Square Enix decide to share a bit more.

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