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Fortnite: How to Spot a Mimic


Fortnite: How to Spot a Mimic

How to Spot a Mimic in Fortnite

In a game that places so much emphasis on scavenging and looting it would be cruel to make something as tempting as a big fat treasure chest attack you. So we have no idea how the devs behind Fortnite manage to sleep at night. At a certain point in the game you will start running into faux treasure chests known as Mimics. This concept is far from new so you probably already know what to expect. You approach a treasure chest thinking it will give you nothing but riches and instead it turns out to be a living creature that attacks you.

At one point it will actually be a part of your mission to locate and kill a Mimic but that’s not the only time the evil treasure chests will pop up in an attempt to ruin your good time. So, how do you spot a Mimic just in case you’re trying to steer clear of its deceitful ways? Take the time to look at the treasure chest for a while before you attempt to search through it. These little guys are masters of disguise but they aren’t masters of sitting still. Mimics will eventually give themselves away by moving a bit as they’re trying to keep their cover.

If you see that treasure chest flinching around then you’ll want to back away or just be prepared for a fight. The choice is yours.

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