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Destiny 2 Beta: All Weapon Mods and What They Do


Destiny 2 Beta: All Weapon Mods and What They Do

Weapon Mods in Destiny 2 Beta

Destiny 2 is changing things up quite a bit over the first game, and that includes how players approach weapons. During the beta, you can see that there is a new section when checking out a firearm called Weapon Mods. These appear to have control over a weapon’s power, Burn, and even appearance (sort of how like Ornaments worked in Destiny 1).

While there aren’t a lot of weapon mods present in Destiny 2’s beta, you can check out three types:

  • Legendary Infusion – Allows for infusion, much like in the first game.
  • Damage Mod – The only ones available in the beta seem to be exclusively for burns (Arc, Solar, Void). It will be interesting to simply swap them out rather than keep three of the same weapon.
  • Shader – Changes the look of your weapon.

We’ve yet to come across an opportunity to actually play with the mods during the Destiny 2 Beta, but it looks like they simply slot right in. Highlighting one shows spaces to carry 14 more of the type. Weapon mods may cancel out the need to carry three of the same weapon simply for the burns, and could potentially provide more control over a player’s loadout.

For now, everything would be pure speculation, so we’ll just stick to enjoying the guns while we have them. We’ll be sure to update you with any new information as Destiny 2’s official release looms closer.

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