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How and Where to Watch Microsoft’s E3 2017 Live Stream


How and Where to Watch Microsoft’s E3 2017 Live Stream

Scorpio reveal is imminent.

How and Where to Watch Microsoft’s E3 2017 Live Stream

Microsoft’s press conference is right around the corner and we’re all expecting the company to tell us just why we need an Xbox Scorpio and how it compares to Sony’s PS4 Pro. If you’re not sure where or when you can watch Microsoft’s press conference, we here at Twinfinite have all of that information for you.

Microsoft’s press conference starts at 2 pm PT, 5 pm ET and 10 pm BST on Sunday, June 11. It’s going to be pretty simple to watch the livestream since Microsoft will be streaming the entirety of the conference over Twitch on the day of, which you can watch right here on June 11. Of course, there are other places as well that you can check out which we’ve listed below:

The Mixer app on your Xbox One will also be streaming the conference in 4K, for those who want something a bit more fancy.

We’re expecting Microsoft to show off their new console which is code-named as Project Scorpio at the moment. The company will most likely give us a price point and a release date as well as the specs and show us gameplay footage to give us a look at just how powerful the new console will be.

343 Studios has already confirmed that they will be at E3, but that Halo 6 will not be. The announcement of a new spin-off like Halo Reach or Halo Wars is possible but since Halo Wars 2 just released not too long ago, we doubt that a Halo game will be present.

Cuphead, Sea of Thieves, and Below are also some titles that were present at E3’s in the past but have yet to be released. Here’s hoping that these Xbox exclusives magically reappear in some shape or form so that we can actually play them.

Remember to keep an eye out for Microsoft’s Twitch stream once their conference starts on June 11.

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