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Prey: Simulation Debriefing Safe Code


Prey: Simulation Debriefing Safe Code

Simulation Debriefing Safe Code in Prey

Shortly after the opening segments of Prey, you’ll discover that it’s all an elaborate set up. You’re actually part of an experiment and you’re debriefed at the end of each day, after which your memory is wiped. When you finally are able to explore outside of your apartment and the test area, you’ll discover the debriefing room with a safe inside. There’s a spot where the code was written, but it’s been wiped, leaving no clue to the debriefing safe code.

You can progress through the story where you’ll watch a video of you in that room, which will show the code when it was still present on the whiteboard. Afterwards, you can run all the way back and input the code to get all of your goodies which includes:

  • Hypo (Psi) Fabrication Plan
  • Psi Hypo x3
  • Exotic Material x600
  • Scope Chipset

To save you the time of running back and forth, though, the code is 5150. Just plug that into the number pad on the safe and grab all of the treats waiting inside.

For more on Prey – including guides, tips, tricks, information, and fun features – be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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