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Prey: How to Lean and Look Around Corners


Prey: How to Lean and Look Around Corners

How to Lean and Look Around Corners in Prey

One of the things you definitely don’t want to do while playing Prey is get spotted by an enemy. Whether it’s a tiny Mimic or one of the larger Typhon (or something else entirely), you want to keep out of sight as often as possible. Of course, that can be difficult to do while you’re actively exploring the sprawling space station Talos-I. One mechanic that will help you check your surroundings is the ability to lean and look around corners in Prey. This keeps the majority of your body out of sight, allowing you to peek unnoticed at areas ahead from the safety of cover.

To lean, all you have to do is hold either L1/LB or R1/RB. You’ll lean to the respective side as long as you hold the button down. All of your usual controls will work exactly the same, allowing you to take shots at enemies and use items while leaning. If you start to sprint, however, you will stop leaning.

You can also look around corners using this. Just crouch (or stand) somewhere out of sight, such as beside a doorway, then lean out and check your surroundings. It’s a good way to remain stealthy while exploring and trying to survive the world of Prey.

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