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Prey: How to Get Artax Propulsion System Suit Upgrade


Prey: How to Get Artax Propulsion System Suit Upgrade

How to Get Artax Propulsion System Suit Upgrades in Prey

Not long into Prey, you’ll be tasked with finding Dr. Calvino, the man who invented the Looking Glass technology. You will discover that he died on Talos I, but he is floating in a breached area of the Hardware Labs.

To reach him, you’ll have to exit from an airlock and return via the cargo platform. Once you have found his body floating, when you are standing in the Atrium area of the Hardware Labs, head to the Medical Bay on the other side of the room on the second floor.

In the far corner of the small room there is a maintenance vent you should crawl through. Head through the vent corridor to another small door. Climb through here and you will be in the Machine Shop area of the Hardware Labs.

Below you, you will see some corrupted machines surrounding the airlock you are looking for. Take them out as fast as you can and climb the containers to the left of the area in front of the airlock. Jump over to the larger platform to the left where there should be a fabricator. On a desk at the front left of the floor, there should be the plans for the Artax Propulsion System Upgrade. Pick up the crafting materials on the floor in front of the desk and head to the fabricator behind you. Use the materials you just picked up to craft the Propulsion System, take it from the machine, and you’ll then be able to head out the airlock.

That is how you get the Artax Propulsion System Suit Upgrade in Prey, For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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