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Injustice 2: How to Do Combos


Injustice 2: How to Do Combos

How to Do Combos in Injustice 2

Whether you’re just hoping to make it through Injustice 2’s surprisingly short story or you want to rise in the ranks when it comes to more competitive online play, combos will make all the difference. Performing combos comes with a variety of rewards. The game will shower you with additional credits for landing combos, and all the extra damage you’re putting out will help fill your meter and a combo that juggles your opponent will serve as a great option to link with your super.

There are essentially two types of combos to be aware of in Injustice 2. Standard combos are chained attacks that come from move presets that already exist in the game. You will find these combos listed under each character’s move list since the inputs and types of moves that will be performed are unique to each character. Out of the two types of combos you want to focus on, these standard combos are easier to master and provide less of a learning curve for fighting game newcomers.

For more advanced gameplay, however, it’s important to find your own combos that utilize the wide variety of attacks and tools that each character has. Juggling combos are a series of attacks linked together that prevent your opponent from ever getting their feet on the ground to reset. It’s up to the player to discover which moves link together just right to provide the perfect, custom combo. While these combos do not exist in the game as a preset, there are some key elements to keep your eye on when searching for those great combos.

The first thing is to remember that Injustice 2 has a unique mechanic that allows you to bounce your enemies off the edges of your screen. For many juggling combos, you will want to take advantage of this kind of dead time for your opponent. Also keep an eye out for any tools your character may have that alters the speed and movement of your opponents. If a certain move keeps your enemies in the air longer, slows them down, limits their movement overall, or otherwise leaves them unable to immediately respond, it’s a great candidate to link with other moves to create extremely punishing combos.

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