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Persona 5: Where to Find Nishiyama


Persona 5: Where to Find Nishiyama

A lead to the crime boss.

Finding Nishiyama in Persona 5

On June 15 in Persona 5, you’ll be tasked with looking around the school for intel on your new target, and one of them is Nishiyama. Start by eavesdropping on Ann’s conversation with Iida at the front of the classroom. He’ll mention someone named Nishiyama, and you’ll have to go find him on your own.

Next, talk to the newscaster girl standing in the second floor hallway, and ask her if she knows anything about the crimes and blackmail that have been going on. She’ll tell you that Nishiyama can usually be found in the library after school. Head up to the library on the third floor, and look for your target near the bookshelves in the back. Talk to him, and he’ll reveal what Iida has been up to in his spare time. After getting all the info you need, go back to the classroom and confront Iida once more. He’ll then spill the beans about his part-time job, and give you more intel on how to find the mafia members and their crime boss. This will progress the story naturally.

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