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Persona 5: How to Romance Hifumi Togo


Persona 5: How to Romance Hifumi Togo

How to Romance Hifumi Togo in Persona 5

Hifumi Togo represents the Star Arcana and you can obtain her as a confidant starting on 6/26 after hearing about some amazing shugo player at Kanda Church. She’s one of the best Confidants in Persona 5 thanks to her granting you the ability to swap party members mid-battle. To even establish a bond with her, though, you’ll first need to get your Charm up to Rank 3. You will also want to start raising your Knowledge as you’ll need it to reach Rank 5 in order to obtain Rank 8 and beyond. If you play your cards right, you can even romance her, here’s how.

As stated above, you need quite a bit of Charm and Max knowledge to progress Hifumi Togo’s Confidant bond to max. Talking to her and increasing your bond does contribute a bit to your Knowledge so that may help. If you’re Rank 7 and have Knowledge Rank 5 you can approach her to move to Rank 8. You will unlock a personal request called “Upstaging the Stage Mother.” Complete it and talk to Hifumi again. Continue to visit her and talk to her until its time to hit Rank 9 which is when the romance options appear. She’ll ask you two questions and depending on your replies you two will either stay friends your you’ll find yourself a romantic partner in Persona 5.

Responses 1

  • “I want to become stronger.” (friendship)
  • “I want to stay by your side.” (romance)

Responses 2

  • “I want us to date” (romance)
  • “We’ll be friends forever.” (friendship)

Let her know you ain’t going anywhere and you’ve just got yourself a new Persona 5 romance.

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