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Persona 5: How to Raise Charm


Persona 5: How to Raise Charm

How to Raise Charm in Persona 5

Charm is a very important stat while playing Persona 5. Sure, you won’t use it while exploring Mementos and the various Palaces you’ll visit in the game. But, it’s very important when it comes to dealing with certain characters and building bonds. For instance, you need to increase your Charm before you can start asking Ann to hang out.

Charm can be raised in several different ways, but you’ll have to get out of school to do so. Unlike Knowledge, you can’t just answer questions to boost this stat, you’ll need to earn a bit of life experience, or take a bath. Here’s how you can raise your Charm in Persona 5:

  • Read books that focus on this specific stat. You’ll need to finish the book before you get the boost, so visit the library daily and hope you get reading time on the train as well.
  • Work in jobs that contribute to this stat, such as the flower shop.
  • Go to the Bathhouse in the alley near Leblanc. It costs 500 yen and advances time. If you go on Mondays and Thursdays, you get a bonus amount of experience.
  • Attending speeches in Shibuya after establishing a bond with the politician will sometimes raise your Charm as well.

These are the ways we’ve found so far, and they work pretty well. Just make sure not to focus too much of your time on this single parameter. There are four others that are just as important.

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