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Persona 5: How to Raise Knowledge


Persona 5: How to Raise Knowledge

How to Raise Knowledge in Persona 5

While playing Persona 5, you have many different stats to manage. While there are the simple ones that have to do with with Mementos and Palaces directly, you also have social stats that will help you progress in relationships and acquire new options when out in the regular world. One of those stats is Knowledge, and it allows you to choose smarter dialogue options in special situations as well as apply to specific jobs. You’ll start with pretty low Knowledge, but it’s one of the easier ones to raise, though it’s also one of the slower ones.

In order to raise this social stat in Persona 5, you’ll just need to do things that either contribute to being smart, or that make you appear intelligent. The things you can do are:

  • Read books that focus on Knowledge.
  • Study either in the Library or at Leblanc.
  • Answer questions correctly while in class.
  • Attend class regularly and sometimes the teachers will say something that will automatically increase your intelligence.
  • Help others with their studies (such as Ryuji). This isn’t a very common option, but jump at it when you get the chance.

As long as you continue to do the above, you’ll find yourself easily increasing your Knowledge stat in Persona 5. Just make sure to manage your time well as you have other equally important stats to take care of as you play.

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