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Persona 5: How to Raise Guts


Persona 5: How to Raise Guts

How to Raise Guts in Persona 5

Guts is a stat in Persona 5 that pretty much amounts to your social courage and boldness. Without this stat, you wouldn’t be able to ask uncomfortable questions or stand up to rude NPCs. It also relates to how you deal with less than favorable situations, such as noise while trying to read. And, if you don’t care about dealing with random people, maybe you’d at least appreciate the ability to buy stronger weapons, which this stat allows you to do. While normally it’s not a big deal, it can bar you from getting some useful gear or information, so it’s worth investing in. Like most of the stats in the game, it will require a bit of work before it grows, as it does not grow naturally on its own.

There are a few ways to raise this social stat while playing Persona 5:

  • Read a book that focuses on Guts. You’ll have to finish the entire book (the amount of sessions depends on the amount of bookmarks next to the book title).
  • Participate in clinical trials with Tae Takemi in the Clinic near Leblanc.
  • Study in the Library and don’t get distracted.
  • Certain jobs will raise this stat slightly.
  • Study in the Diner located in Shibuya and just order a coffee.
  • Partake in the eating contest at the Burger Joint in Shibuya – Central Street at night.

These are the methods we’ve found that have worked for us. Just make sure not to spend all of your time on just this one stat as there are several others that are equally as important if you’re trying to do everything that Persona 5 has to offer.

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