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Persona 5: Can You Be Gay?


Persona 5: Can You Be Gay?

Can You Be Gay? – Persona 5

When you’re not out invading the minds of evil doers riddled throughout Tokyo, players will spend their days exploring Tokyo and participating in various side activities. One of these is romancing some of your close friends and confidants like Ichiko or Sadayo, however, all of the choices in Persona 5 are female. Sadly there is no gay option for romance in this title, as the player is restricted to around 8 or so women that you’ll meet throughout your journey.

In order to actually romance one of these lovely ladies, players will need to speak with these people until specific requirements/dates have been reached. For example, the reporter Ichiko’s romance dialogue will only begin to pop up after 6/22 and the player will need to choose both of the romantic options in order to make her yours for the rest of the game. Since you are portraying a very specific character in a more linear narrative it’s highly unlikely that developer Atlus will add any gay romance options in the future. If you want to learn how to sway the various women around town then make sure to visit our wiki here.

For more guides, walkthroughs, and tips make sure to visit our Persona 5 wiki.

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