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Overwatch Has Reached Over 30 Million Players, Says Blizzard


Overwatch Has Reached Over 30 Million Players, Says Blizzard

Since its launch last May.

Blizzard Entertainment announced this week that its online multiplayer shooter Overwatch has surpassed 30 million players. The developer thanked its community for surpassing this milestone in a tweet below.

Overwatch launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in May 2016 after an extremely successful open beta. The community has increased steadily since its launch, celebrating over 7 million players after one week.

The number of players grew to 15 million in August, and over 20 million last October. Blizzard updated the number to over 25 million in late January of this year, during the game’s Year of the Rooster seasonal event.

The studio continues to update and add more content to Overwatch. The game is currently in the middle of its Uprising event, which offers a new cooperative mode alongside new skins, sprays, emotes, and more for all heroes. Blizzard also promises to add three more maps this year, alongside certain character skins to standard loot boxes that can only be earned through the ongoing Heroes of the Storm 2.0 event on PC.


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