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Overwatch Surpasses 25 Million Players, Blizzard Announces

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Overwatch Surpasses 25 Million Players, Blizzard Announces

That’s a lot of raging.

The popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch has now reached over 25 million registered players, Blizzard Entertainment announced today.

That does not mean 25 million copies have been sold, but 25 million people have played the game across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Overwatch can be played in internet cafes around the world and some players may own multiple accounts, which would easily help that huge number.

Last October, Blizzard announced the game had reached over 20 million registered users since the game’s launch in May 2016. The company has continued to support the game with new modes, heroes, seasonal events, and balance changes.

Overwatch is currently in the middle of a seasonal event, Year of the Rooster, which adds a capture the flag mode and new loot boxes containing special emotes, highlight intros, sprays, voice lines, victory poses, and skins for a limited time. You can check out all the new skins celebrating the tenth sign in the Chinese Zodiac here.


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