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Outlast 2: How to Lean and Peek


Outlast 2: How to Lean and Peek

How to Lean and Peek in Outlast 2

Just like in the first game, you’re defenseless in Outlast 2. All you have on your side are your wits, a camera, and some very useful running legs. Oftentimes, running is not an option and you’ll definitely have to hide – usually behind some low obstacle – as the person threatening you moves on by. It’s easy to lose sight of enemies while hiding, and that can often spell disaster for you in the game. This is where the ability to lean and peek comes into play, as it lets you take a gander at the area around cover without actually pushing you into visibility.

You can lean at any time, not just when you need to peek. To do so use L2 or LT to lean to the left, and R2 or RT to do so to the right. You can’t go very far, but it’s helpful all the same.

Peeking from inside of a hiding place, such as a closet, is slightly different. You must hold Square or X to open the door slightly, then you can use the triggers to peek as you would if you were hiding behind something.

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