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Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Get a Torch


Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Get a Torch

Torch – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a bit different from past titles as it gives you a ton of different weapons and pieces of equipment to keep in your inventory. One of those weapons that you can get is a torch which is classified as a club-type weapon, serving multiple purposes as you can use it to fight enemies, illuminate dark areas, and use it to light things on fire. The torch is an actual weapon of its own now in Breath of the Wild, not just a Deku Stick you light on fire.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to get torches in Breath of the Wild, although they appear randomly so there isn’t one certain way to get them. Torches are looted from camps and settlements, areas where you’ll encounter Bokoblins and other foes. Keep an eye out when you beat a group of enemies, as you’ll see weapons dotted around on the ground, and in some cases Bokoblins might actually be holding a torch. Always keep an eye out near the campfire itself, as that’s where they’re likely to be found.

Once you have a torch, just equip it through your menu and you’ll be able to use it as a weapon. It’s a low damage weapon, but the other uses of the torch are what’s really important. To light a torch, simply swing it over a campfire or other source of fire. Alternatively, you can drop a torch on the ground and shoot it with a Fire Arrow. You can see how to get Fire Arrows here.

Torches will definitely come in handy in the darker areas of Breath of the Wild as well as at night, so make sure you’re always keeping an eye out for them and other weapons around the world.

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