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What’s New in No Man’s Sky’s Path Finder Update


What’s New in No Man’s Sky’s Path Finder Update

Alien Weapons look badass.

Visual Improvements and Photo Mode

No Man's Sky

Making good on their promise to constantly deliver new content and updates, Hello Games has now released the Path Finder Update (Update 1.2) for their game No Man’s Sky. And while new vehicles are definitely part of the package, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

First up are the visual improvements. Update 1.2 bring with it support for the PlayStation 4 Pro, allowing players to experience the game in 4K resolution for the first time. Compatible monitors and TVs also receive HDR support, bringing with it high contrast lighting effects, ambient occlusion and greatly improved textures.

And what better way to capture these improved visuals, than with the brand new dedicated photo mode that has been added to the game. Entering photo mode allows you to move around the landscape in free camera mode, with additional features that let you pause, change time of day, change cloud layers and fog density, all so players can arrange that one perfect shot. And if that’s not enough, you can also apply an array of filters to give your picture that one finishing touch before your share them with the rest of the community using Steam’s or the PlayStation 4’s sharing functionality.

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