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Overwatch Tips: How to Play Orisa


Overwatch Tips: How to Play Orisa

Orisa Abilities

Orisa Tips – Overwatch

First up, let’s run through Orisa’s kit, which is focused mainly around defense. None of her abilities are too exciting, relying more on tactical shielding, gravitoning, and ability blocking.


Fusion Driver (Left Click)

Your left click sets off Orisa’s main weapon – her machine gun hand. This puts out sustained damage, but lowers Orisa’s movement speed while firing.

Halt! (Right Click)

This shoots a graviton charge that will move outwards from Orisa. When it collides with a surface or is triggered by a second right click, it will pull in nearby enemies. The cooldown is eight seconds.

Protective Barrier (E)

Orisa throws out a shield that will stand at her target location. Only one shield can be out at a time, and the cooldown is a fairly small twelve seconds.

Fortify (L Shift)

This ability reduces incoming damage and makes Orisa immune to action-impairing effects. The buff lasts a few seconds, and the cooldown is eight seconds.


Supercharger (Q)

Orisa sets out a device that increases the damage output of nearby allies.


Overall, Orisia’s skills read like a mini version of a lot of beloved tank skills already in Overwatch. Her Halt! is a mini Zarya ultimate, Protective Barrier is a great, small Reinhardt alternative, and Supercharger feels just like a Mercy boost. But while she may not be earth-shatteringly different, it’s the combination of these abilities and their relatively short cooldowns that make her a joy to play. If you know what you’re doing, that is. Now let’s take a look at some vital gameplay strategies you should keep in mind.

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