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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance All Characters


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance All Characters

How to Romance All Characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda

You’ll meet quite a few interesting characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda across all the different species. And, seeing as how this is a BioWare game, there’s a good chance that you can sleep with them if you play your cards right. There are 10 characters you can romance in the Heleus Cluster and they’re spread out between your crew and a few others elsewhere in Andromeda. They each require their own requirements to bed, so this guide will cover each one for you to help you find love while you search for a new home for the Andromeda Initiative.


We’ll kick things off with your squadmates. These are the characters you recruit that can be taken out on missions. All of them can be romanced, except for Drack, who’s 1400 years old and has zero interest in you outside of going on epic battles.

Liam (Romance Restrictions: Female Ryder Only)

Liam takes a lot of work to get intimate with in Mass Effect: Andromeda. His Loyalty Mission requires you to set up an outpost on every planet that allows you to, and you’ll also have to help him set up movie night. This is a morale project of his that requires a few trips to the Nexus as well as obtaining snacks for other members of your crew. You’ll get these objectives from your email and talking to your crew on the Tempest. Make sure to flirt with him every chance you get, and keep your answers to an understanding tone. Too much logic and professionalism will make Liam not want to romance. After completing his Loyalty Mission, he’ll send you an email to hook up if you’ve done everything right.

Jaal (Romance Restrictions: Female Ryder Only)

You’ll meet Jaal during your very first visit to Aya, the Angaran home world. He’ll join your crew and many of the story missions from that point on will center on him and his people, providing ample opportunities to flirt. Romancing him is a bit interesting as he doesn’t have the normal “flirting heart” option when talking. Instead, you’ll see an option with a silhouette of holding hands. Choose these whenever available then continue on and complete his Loyalty Mission. If you did all the hand holding interactions and aren’t seeing anyone else, he’ll send you an email to meet up where you can decide to romance him or not.

Cora (Romance Restrictions: Male Ryder Only)

Cora seems to be a bit cold towards you at first, but that’s mostly because she felt slighted by your father’s decision to make you Pathfinder even though she was next in line for the position. However, if you continue to help people and choose understanding options (top-left conversation choices) she’ll start to warm up to you and you can even start flirting. Make sure to talk to her after every major event, and when you visit new hub areas (Nexus, Aya, Kadara Port, etc). Then, embark on her Loyalty Mission. This will involve locating and retrieving the Asari Ark. You can talk to her on the Tempest afterwards to hear her thoughts, so be understanding and hug her when given the prompt. She’ll share her feelings towards you and you’ll eventually get an email to meet her on Eos. If you’re not in any relationship (Peebee doesn’t count) you can start a romance there.

Vetra (Romance Restrictions: None)

Vetra is one of the cooler members of your crew. She’s a Turian smuggler with tons of street-smarts and the ability to get things done. She’s a bit on the serious side at times, but you can still have fun with conversations. When she talks about personal things, stick to the top-left conversation options. When it’s about work, stick to logical and professional (the right side of the wheel). Every so often you’ll be able to flirt with her, do this.

Continue to talk to her after missions and in new hub areas until you unlock her Loyalty Mission, which involves her sister Sid. After completing the mission, and flirting up a storm, she’ll ask you to meet her on Kadara. Head to the planet with her in your party then go to the spot to start a romance.

Peebee (Romance Restrictions: None)

Peebee is a really fun character who loves exploring new places and just generally doing her own thing. Romancing her isn’t difficult and you don’t even need to complete all of her Loyalty Mission, just half of it, while also flirting every chance you get (she really likes flirting). After meeting her and exploring some Remnant Ruins, she’ll have a mission called “Secret Project.” It will require you to find Rem-tech (Remnant Technology) in locations she’s marked for you on Eos and Voeld.

When you get her everything she needs, she’ll ask you to meet her in her apartment on the Nexus. This is when she gives you Remnant VI, and it’s also when you first get to see her show her feelings towards anything when her old friend shows up. Afterwards, continue until you’re able to actually explore Aya and meet Peebee at the museum. She’ll be drunk, but if you act understanding, she’ll appreciate it. Head to the Tempest and meet her in the Escape Pod room (her room) and you’ll be able to calm her down. Choose the option that asks her what she normally does to calm down, then accept when she asks you to join her. While bumping around in Zero-G, Peebee will ask you to fool around under the caveat that there are no strings attached. Accept and romance will begin.

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