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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Beat the Remnant Architect


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Beat the Remnant Architect

How to Beat the Remnant Architect in Mass Effect: Andromeda

There are some bosses in Mass Effect: Andromeda that don’t just appear right away. Some will stay hidden, allowing you to beat the game without ever facing their monstrous presences. One such boss is the Remnant Architect on Eos. It’s hidden behind a side mission that you may think nothing of, but its rewards are worth the effort.

In order to gain access to this fight you must first clear out Eos and set up a colony which is the first Priority Op (main mission) once you get your ship, the Tempest. After doing so, go about your business doing side activities and playing on other planets. When some time has passed, you can head back to Eos where the weather has gotten good enough for you to just walk around without your Nomad. You will be given a mission by one of the scientists in your colony called “Making an Impression.” The colony has been suffering from tremors and issues with water, so they want you to investigate and also install some seismic hammers.

Install the hammers at the three locations. On the second one, a member from Advent – a group that left the Nexus and the Andromeda Initiative – will ask you to put it elsewhere in order to help them out. Just ignore them. When you place all three hammers, the Remnant Architect will appear from out of the ground and it’s time to fight. It’s a huge boss that towers over you, but don’t worry, it’s much easier than it looks. In preparation for the fight, though, you will want to bring a sniper rifle. You don’t need one, but it makes things go a lot quicker.

The fight has three repeating parts: destroy the Conduits (those are the legs), destroy the Face Conduits, defeat the Remnant. When the fight begins, the legs will have exposed pink parts for you too shoot. Have your team focus on one leg, in order to take it out faster. The sniper rifle helps out a lot here as it does massive damage in comparison to a rifle or pistol. You don’t want to get too close, so a shotgun is out of the question.

From time to time, the conduits will close and a bunch of Remnant will spawn. These are Mass Effect: Andromeda’s machine-like enemies, and many have shields. There are a few armored versions as well, so prepare for that. Take them out quickly (only a handful spawn) then return your attention to the Architect. It has large attacks that you can see coming because it highlights the area first. Just stay out in the open and keep strafing left and right while shooting. Once one of the legs is down, the face will open up. Just snipe the pink parts like you would the legs. Do note that the guns on the face are much faster than the weapons from before. Still, you can survive out in the open as long as you strafe left and right constantly.

After each leg is destroyed, the Architect will move to one of the other sites where you dropped a hammer, but don’t worry, the fight remains exactly the same. There is a benefit to this though. The fight begins and ends at the third hammer, which happens to be right next to a Forward Station. The station actually stays on throughout the fight so you can keep healing and replenishing your ammo by just walking near it. You’re essentially invincible and have unlimited ammunition and powers for the beginning and ending of the encounter.

Once the Remnant Architect is down, you’ll have to interact with its head. You’ll complete the mission, get a ton of XP, and get a Beam Augment that you can use when crafting your next weapon. Also, you’ve just helped Eos a whole lot, so there’s that, too. Mass Effect: Andromeda found another way for you to be a hero. Oh, and after you’ve beaten the towering boss and leave the planet, come back to find its husk in orbit where you can scan it for Remnant research.

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