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Mass Effect Andromeda: What Mineral Deposits Are Used For


Mass Effect Andromeda: What Mineral Deposits Are Used For

What Mineral Deposits Are Used For in Mass Effect Andromeda

Whether you’re out exploring a planet in the Nomad or on foot, or you’re just scanning and probing systems from the Tempest, you may have noticed mineral deposits. Despite their rather boring-sounding name, these are actually pretty important for your adventure across this new galaxy.

Let’s start off by giving you a rundown of exactly what minerals are. There are a bunch of different minerals and elements that you’ll find as you journey across the galaxy, and they’re all important for the development of new items and upgrades. As such, you’ll want to make sure that whenever you see one of these mineral deposits, or find an anomaly detected in a system, that you go and check it out. More often than not, these anomalies are mineral deposits, and who wants to miss out on free upgrade materials.

It’s worth noting that not all weapons and upgrades will require the same materials and quantities. As such, all that Fluorite you’ve been collecting may be useless for those pistols, but it’ll come in handy for that fancy chest armor you’ve been checking out. The only resource constantly required across upgrades are Omni-Gel Canisters, so make sure you’re picking up every one that you find. Regardless, whenever you have the opportunity to mine mineral deposits, make sure you’re doing so. You can never have too many crafting resources, after all.

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