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Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression Quest Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression Quest Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression Quest Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda is filled to the brim with small quests and mission. In your aim to colonize a new world, you’ll be traveling to many planets and helping (or fighting) people along the way. One such helper quest is Making an Impression, which we’ll walk through here.

You’ll be able to pick this quest up after setting up your first colony on Eos and clearing the radiation. Your colony, Podromos, needs your help setting up seismic hammers for irrigation. There’s also been some weird rumblings underground, which they assume is a blockage.

You’ll have to travel to three locations to set up the hammers. After each, you’ll face a group of Remnants. Simply kill them, then head to the next waypoint.

At the second location, a group of humans will ask you not to set up the hammer. We simply ignored them, because we have a job to do.

After the last hammer, you’ll face a Remnant architect, a more extreme version of these foes. For tips on how to beat it, check out our guide over here.

After this is done, head back to the quest giver, and that’s all. You’re done with Making an Impression and can continue on your Andromeda journey.

For more on Mass Effect Andromeda, including tips, guides, and walkthroughs, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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