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Mass Effect Andromeda: Excess Baggage Guide (Where the Tempest Anomaly Is)


Mass Effect Andromeda: Excess Baggage Guide (Where the Tempest Anomaly Is)

How to Find the Anomaly in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Excess Baggage Quest

Mass Effect: Andromeda has a ton of side quests that you can embark on. Most of the time, you might even miss them if you’re not careful. One such easy XP maker is the Excess Baggage side quest. It’s given to you by Suvi on the Tempest, and it tasks you with finding out why there’s a heavy load on the ship that doesn’t need to be there.

Well, you can go around scanning every room like she asks you to, to find that anomaly. Or you could just read this guide and head straight to the Storage Room. This is the room opposite of the one where you first find Liam (downstairs of the Tempest). Scan the wall with the big Tempest anomaly, and you will then need to talk to Kallos, who will tell you a story of one of the designers of the ship. It’s very sweet, I recommend not skipping mindlessly through this one. 

That’s really all there is to the Excess Baggage quest and where to find the Tempest anomaly. It could be pretty annoying to have to go through each room, especially when you generally don’t ever need to go to the storage room. But there you have it!

For more help with Mass Effect: Andromeda, be sure to check back with our wiki for guides and tips!

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