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Mass Effect Andromeda: Can You Change Your Appearance?


Mass Effect Andromeda: Can You Change Your Appearance?

Can You Change Your Appearance in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Mass Effect Andromeda will put you in the shoes of one of the Ryder twins. As a Pathfinder for the human race, it’s down to you to explore new galaxies and find inhabitable planets for future generations. Of course, with this being a Mass Effect game, you can change your appearance, including your hairstyle. After all, you need to be looking your best in case you meet some friendly aliens, right?

Unfortunately, once you’ve started your adventure in Mass Effect Andromeda, you won’t be able to change your appearance. With that in mind, make sure you spend plenty of time in the character creation screens at the start of the game until you’re happy with your appearance. Once you confirm and the adventure begins, there are no plastic surgeons to make any quick changes in space.

While not being able to change your facial and bodily appearance after you start Mass Effect Andromeda, you can still change your clothing and the color of it. As long as you make a face you can look at for 25+ hours, then your character will forever be able to keep up with the latest space trends.

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