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Mass Effect Andromeda: All Female Hairstyles


Mass Effect Andromeda: All Female Hairstyles

All Female Hairstyles in Mass Effect Andromeda

When customizing your female Ryder for the first time, you need to make sure that she has the perfect hairstyle for the look you happen to be going for. The wrong do can make you hate your created character (speaking from experience here) so take your time and really look at your options. There are 12 options on offer for the female hairstyles in Mass Effect Andromeda, and they offer a decent amount of variety.

You have short haircuts which seem more military-like, and you even have some long options (that actually have a bit of physics). The cherry on top is that you don’t have to stick with natural colors. If you want a bright purple mess of hair on top of you hair, nobody is going to stop you. It may make you an easier target for angry enemies you’ll come across in the game, but you’re a strong person, you’ll be fine.

It’s cool to see some solid variety, and some physics in the hair department. Which one will you choose for your badass Pathfinder?

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