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Horizon Zero Dawn: Story & Ending Explained (Spoilers Summary)


Horizon Zero Dawn: Story & Ending Explained (Spoilers Summary)

So much hidden in the past.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Setting

horizon: zero dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn takes place on Earth, though hundreds of years have passed and it’s no longer recognizable as the world we live in today. Nature has reclaimed the land, with plants growing over once mountainous cities, and humanity being pushed into caves, mountains, and other far reaches of the land. On the ground where you can find foxes, turkeys, and other wildlife are robots that appear to be mechanical animals. They look like deer, rams, dinosaurs, and more as they roam around living out their lives as real animals would.

They hunt, they graze, and they watch, but nobody knows why, which is the main mystery of Horizon Zero Dawn. In the world are several tribes that live as we ourselves did way back when. Some hunt, some focus on religion, others build a new, sprawling civilization. Everyone knows of the old ones, the humans that were there before the collapse, but it’s not clear what caused everything to go so wrong.

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