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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Get the Best Armor


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Get the Best Armor

Best Armor – Horizon Zero Dawn

There are a lot of different armor outfits available in Horizon Zero Dawn, with each one offering different perks and special defenses. However, there is one set that rules them all with the ability to make you invincible for periods of time. This set is called the Shield-Weaver outfit and it’s the best armor in the entire game. And, since it’s the best there is, that means you’ll have to complete a long quest to find it.

The quest is titled Ancient Armory and it can be triggered by heading to the map point below:

In this location, called the Bunker, you’ll find the Shield-Weaver outfit in a room behind a thick glass. You’ll need to obtain five Power Cells and solve a couple of puzzles. The cells are located throughout the game’s main missions, so you won’t be able to get the best armor until you’re fairly far in Horizon Zero Dawn’s story. We’ve created a walkthrough of the entire quest for you to make things easier, that way when you are ready, you can confront the final boss with the best armor the game has to offer.

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