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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Which Skills You Should Choose


Ghost Recon Wildlands: Which Skills You Should Choose

Ghost Recon Wildlands Weapon Skills

Which Skills You Should Choose

When going into battle in Ghost Recon Wildlands, you will need to make sure that you have the best skills equipped to make the most out of your soldier. Given that skill points and resources aren’t always easy to obtain, this means that you will want to start investing in the right abilities to get the most bang for your buck. There are five skill trees in Ghost Recon Wildlands, each with their set of power-ups to unlock for your weapons, drone, or base soldiers. We will not be including any Epic Skills as those are all just great and really should be obtained as soon as possible anyway.

The Weapon skill tree is focused around your arsenal and what kind of bonuses and modifications you can give them. This will be the most subjective as everyone has a different play style when it comes to actually using the various different kind of weapons so we won’t focus on more specific perks like Stable Aim for snipers or Hip Fire Spread for shotguns.

  • Grenade Launcher – You will come across a lot of vehicles in Ghost Recon Wildlands, so making sure that you have a way to deal with them is going to be key. The grenade launcher skill is a wonderful addition to any arsenal, as it can quickly destroy any base car and most armored jeeps you encounter. Make sure to practice with it as you will eventually have to deal with helicopters, so being able to quickly knock them out of the sky will save you a lot of headaches down the road.
  • ADV Suppressor – This skill removes the damage drop-off you get when you equip a suppressor, which makes every shot with it now just as powerful as a normal rifle round. Having this is critical as it allows you to drop more heavily armor foes quickly without needing to worry about changing up every time an engagement gets loud.
  • VHC Destruction – Engaging with enemies in a vehicle is inevitable in Ghost Recon Wildlands, so if you upgrade this it will allow your base guns to do more damage against them. This is especially useful for when you’re in car chases and firing a grenade launcher is too unruly or inaccurate. Given that a fair amount of resource missions are escort-based, this is a must-have for any character.
  • Ammo Capacity – This skill simply increases how much ammo you can carry with you for your main guns and sidearm. Given that some engagements can last for quite a while, not having to always run to a resupply crate could certainly save your life.

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