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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Use Sync Shot


Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Use Sync Shot

Sync Shot – Ghost Recon Wildlands

One of the best moves in your team’s arsenal in Ghost Recon Wildlands is called the Sync Shot, and it can let you drop entire squads without anyone ever hearing you. This move can only be performed by those in single-player, as it allows you to mark enemies and then have your team fire at once. You can mark targets by either using your drone, binoculars, or by aiming down the sights of your firearm. A prompt will come up to mark this target and then you will see a number pop up over their head.

Now it will take time for your squad to line up a shot so until you hear them confirm they have the shot, you will be unable to launch this attack. There is also a visual cue as a spinning circle will vanish above the number over the cartel member’s head. From here, you can either initiate the attack manually or your squad mates will perform the Sync Shot when you fire a round at an enemy.

When Ghost Recon Wildlands starts out, you will only be able to use one person to perform the Sync Shot. However, this can be upgraded so all three of your squad mates can use this move. We recommend doing this as soon as possible since the Sync Shot is one of the best ways to quietly take out entire groups of enemies without setting alarms off. Plus, it just looks cool to drop an entire squad without anyone hearing a single sound.

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