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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Change Your Clothes


Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Change Your Clothes

How to Change Clothes – Ghost Recon Wildlands

With Ghost Recon Wildlands nearly upon us, players will want to make sure that your character is sporting the last clothes and accessories. There is a fair amount of t-shirts, jackets, glasses, and headsets that you can wear out into the dangerous, drug-fueled country of Bolivia. While you cannot change your physical appearance, players can alter the clothes they are wearing at any time, regardless if they’re at a safe house or not.

To change your clothes, go into your tactical menu and scroll to the Loadout tab on the right. From here you should see your Ghost Recon Wildlands character model pop up with an edit appearance prompt at the bottom. This will take players to another menu that lets you adjust your Ghost in a variety of different categories, including their facial hair types. One of the most unique additions is that players can wear entire costumes such as an elaborate Rebel Leader uniform or Mad Max-inspired clothes. These cannot be edited, however, so if you want to rule the wastelands you’re stuck with that specific set of clothing.

Players can also try out a variety of different pre-made clothing combinations via the Special Outfits tab or just randomize it and let the fashion gods decide what clothes you’ll end up wearing. Just make sure when you are fighting the cartel that your impeccable sense of style makes their heads turn.

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