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Dark Souls III The Ringed City: Where to Get the Flame Fan Pyromancy


Dark Souls III The Ringed City: Where to Get the Flame Fan Pyromancy

Flame Fan Pyromancy – Dark Souls III The Ringed City

Pyromancy is one of the fan favorite powers that players can use in Dark Souls III and The Ringed City expansion introduces a new spell called Flame Fan. However, in order to obtain this item, players will need to slay a rather powerful Desert Pyromancer that’s escorted by two Thralls. To start, make your way to the poisonous lake that’s invested with those stout bugs and head left along the wall. There’s an angel hovering above you so make sure to not stay out in the open too long.

Run to the very end and then look to your right towards the large roots entangled on the other side. One of them will act as a ramp, so run to that one quickly and follow its curvy trail until you have to jump down onto another root that leads to a path. From here, slay the Thrall directly in front of you and then pull out either a bow or some throwing knives. Directly in front of you will be Desert Pyromancer Zoey and two Thralls, which you can draw away from her if you time the arrows right.

Either kill the Thralls or wait for them to get close and target them so you won’t have to worry about these guys during your fight with Zoey. After they’re dead, make sure to keep your distance from her as she can use the Flame Fan Pyromancy which deals a considerable amount of damage if you’re hit. Her primary weapon is a whip, so wait until there’s an opening and then dodge to her side and unleash a barrage of strikes. Quickly back up and wait for her retaliation before going in for another set of hits. Keep this up and eventually you can grab the newest Dark Souls III Pyromancy, Flame Fan, off her corpse.

In order to use this spell, you will need to have 15 Intelligence and 15 Faith, which should be fairly easy to attain for a fire build in this title. For more guides, walkthroughs, and tips on The Ringed City, make sure to visit our wiki.

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