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Rocket League and Hot Wheels Collide in New DLC


Rocket League and Hot Wheels Collide in New DLC

Psyonix, meet Mattel.

Psyonix’s simple but entertaining vehicular soccer title Rocket League has brought in memorable cars before. Most notably, Rocket League introduced Back to the Future’s DeLorean a few months after release and the Batmobile just last year. However, perhaps no toy brand says “cars” quite like Mattel’s Hot Wheels. Coming Feb. 21, the Twin Mill and Bone Shaker will make their digital debut as DLC cars for $1.99 each. Each car will include six decals and exclusive wheels.

Free-to-play players will also have access to some Hot Wheels themed decor:

  • Hot Wheels Antenna
  • Hot Wheels Topper
  • Treasure Hunt Flag
  • Shark Bite Topper

rocket league hot wheels

rocket league hot wheels

Rocket League is Psyonix’s second attempt at a vehicle soccer game. A sequel to 2008’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Psyonix understandably gave its new game a much shorter name. Rocket League gained traction by being included as part of PlayStation Plus’ monthly free title straight from launch. The game quickly spread, with new players purchasing the game who had missed the chance to grab it for free. The game also saw much success on PC, which prompted a Xbox One launch and later on added cross-play functionality. Currently, PlayStation 4 owners still do not have access to playing with the other platforms. Sony has stayed fairly non-committal, with Paragon being one of the only PlayStation 4 to have PC cross-play features.

Rocket League continues to grow as a game for players both casual and competitive. Psyonix just announced a $2.5 Million investment in the game’s third competitive season. The funding will go towards things like a competitive collegiate program, a weekly Twitch talk show, and in-game esports features. While still growing as an esport, fairly popular organizations within League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive like NRG and G2 do have a team, though the majority of others are contained to Rocket League only.



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