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Pokemon GO: How to Get Metal Coat & What It Does


Pokemon GO: How to Get Metal Coat & What It Does

How to Get Metal Coat and What It Does – Pokemon GO

The recent Pokemon GO Gen 2 update brought a ton of changes with it. Eighty new Pokemon have joined the Pokedex, some obtained through catching, and some available primarily through evolution. To that end, Niantic has added new evolution items to the game. To help you collect them all, we’ll walk you through how to get Metal Coat, as well as what Metal Coat does.


How to Get Metal Coat

This item can be found as a reward from Poke Stop spins, though it’s a fairly rare find. You’re more likely to collect Poke Balls and some new berries, but if you’re lucky, a Metal Coat will drop.


What Does Metal Coat Do?

As an evolution item, this is used to evolve two Pokemon in Pokemon GO. You’ll also need the appropriate amount of candy, of course, but Metal Coat serves as an additional requirement. You’ll need one to evolve Scyther into Scizor, as well as Onix into Steelix. As you may have guessed from the item name, these evolutions are donning the Steel type.

Keep in mind that evolution items are consumable. That means once you use it to evolve a Pokemon, it’ll be gone, and you’ll have to find another. Hit those Poke Stops, and keep spinning

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