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Nioh: Which Clan You Should Pick


Nioh: Which Clan You Should Pick

Which Clan You Should Pick – Nioh

Clans are a feature in Nioh that tie into the multiplayer component, letting players join a samurai family and compete against others by trying to become the top ranking clan. You won’t be able to join a clan until you progress in the game a bit and unlock the Hidden Teahouse option on your world map, and you can see just how to do that here.

Joining a clan has quite a few benefits, as depending on which clan you join you’ll receive stat boosts. Additionally, battling Revenants in Nioh will earn you Glory, that you can exchange with merchants in the Hidden Teahouse. On top of this, participating and earning Glory can net you exclusive rewards.

Deciding which clan to join is pretty much based on whichever stat boost or perk you want, in other words which one matches your playstyle best. Besides that, each clan is basically the same. There are two colors of clans, White and Red, with 19 houses falling under each color for a total of 38. Here are each of the clans in Nioh, and what bonuses they’ll give you once joined.



Tokugawa – 30% chance to prevent death as long as you aren’t in critical condition. Boosts Elixir when critical by 25%.

Shimazu – Close combat attack plus 5%. Ki Regeneration boosted by 30% when critical.

Toyotomi – Amrita and money earned from enemies boosted by 10%.

Satake – High Stance attack (strong attacks) boosted by 5%. Self and allies healed by 50 when an enemy is defeated.

Takeda – Close combat attack (critical enemy) boosted by 9%. Fire damage plus 10%.

Otani – Ally Amrita Gauge bonus plus 12%. Received elemental attack damage minus 5%.

Oda – Damage nullified (using living weapon) 10%. Enemy confusion extended by 18%.

Kato – Damage reduction (when attacking) by 10%. Earth damage plus 10%.

Mohri – Water (Bow) plus 10. Bow damage plus 5%.

Matsunaga – Kataku-dama and Horoku-dama damage plus 15%. Close combat attack (against strong enemies) plus 7%.

Mori – Elixir Burst plus 10%. Life Bonus (when in ally’s camp) plus 11%.

Li – Close Combat Attack (with Red Demon Armor) plus 2%. Toughness (with Red Demon Armor) plus 8%.

Kikkawa – Status Ailments Relieved when using an Elixir. Damage Reduction by 5% when an Elixir is used.

Saika – Wind (Gun) plus 10. Matchlock Damage plus 4%.

Shibata – Close combat attack (against Zero Ki enemy) plus 7%. Dash-attack Bonus plus 12.5%.

Yamanaka – Reduce status ailment duration by 10%. Dash Ki Usage (when critical) reduced by 12%.

Todo – Change to Life (Stamina) plus 5. Attack (with heavy armor) plus 2%.

Fukushima – High stance attack (with Spear) plus 5%. Bare-handed attack damage plus 70%.

Ashikaga – Human close combat attack (with Dual Swords) plus 4%. Increased mission rewards plus 5%.

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