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Nioh: How to Join a Clan


Nioh: How to Join a Clan

How to Join a Clan – Nioh

Clans are a special feature in Nioh that work similarly to Covenants in Dark Souls. You can join a clan and participate in an online competition by earning glory, and also receive various bonuses depending on the which one you join. Unfortunately, you’ll need to advance through the story a little bit before you have access to them.

To join a clan, you’ll have to beat the Spider Nest Castle in Kinki, which will unlock the Hidden Teahouse option in your main menu. Once you have this option unlocked, you can enter it and decide which clan you want to join. There are two types of clans, Red and White, with a number of houses that fall under each. There are 19 on each side, resulting in 38 in total. When selecting a clan you’ll see the various bonuses that joining it will give you, like boosting the amount of Amrita and money you earn from killing enemies. Take a look at each of the clans, and see which one you think will match your playstyle best.

If you battle Revenants in Nioh, you’ll earn Glory, which will help you rank up and increase your clan’s overall ranking. You can also use Glory to exchange with merchants in the Hidden Teahouse for items, armor, rare weapons, and more.

Once you unlock the clan option, you should definitely make a point to join one, as it will do nothing but benefit you in the end.

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