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Nioh: How to Takedown Enemies


Nioh: How to Takedown Enemies

How to Takedown Enemies – Nioh

While playing Nioh, you may notice that your enemies have a Ki bar just like you do. They use it in the same way, as well. It serves as their stamina allowing them to attack, evade, and block. But, just like it does for you, depletion of this bar leaves an enemy stunned as they try to catch their breath before continuing a fight. This is your opportunity to use a takedown.

This is basically a typical attack, only the complete drop in defense allows it to be much more deadly, dealing massive damage and either dropping your foe to the ground or killing them. Keep an eye on enemies as when you see one take a knee, go in for the kill. Just get in close and use either Square or Triangle to devastate them, knocking one obstacle off of the battlefield. If successful, you’ll pull off a takedown.

As long as you’re paying attention to the battle around you, opportunities to quickly take out an adversary will open themselves up to you. Keep your eyes open and your weapon drawn and show them that you mean business.

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