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Nioh: How to Increase Weapon Familiarity


Nioh: How to Increase Weapon Familiarity

Become a katana pro.

Increasing Weapon Familiarity – Nioh

Every weapon comes with a Familiarity meter which is located right below the weapon’s damage multiplier. Once this meter is maxed out, that weapon will receive a significant damage boost, so it’s generally a good idea to max it out with a weapon that you intend on using for a long while in Nioh.

In order to increase your this with a weapon, all you have to do is use the weapon regularly. The more you use it, the quicker that meter will raise. If your weapon happens to have a perk that increases your proficiency with it, the meter will max out even faster than usual. If you’ve got two weapons equipped in your slots, make sure to swap between them regularly to increase the Familiarity levels together. Even if you happen to find better weapons with higher levels later on, you can always use the Soul Match function at the blacksmith to raise the level of the weapon you have max Familiarity with. However, do note that using Soul Match will reset your Familiarity level, so you’ll have to raise it again. However, that weapon’s base level and damage will go up.

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